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Welcome to Mayet & Associates’ Blog, your go-to destination for insightful articles and information on a myriad of legal topics. Stay informed and empowered as we share our expertise on the latest developments in business law, dispute resolution, corporate restructuring, and more. Whether you’re a business professional, legal enthusiast, or someone seeking valuable insights, our blog is your source for concise, informative, and engaging content. Explore the world of law with Mayet & Associates – where knowledge meets clarity.

Home Buyer loses R5.5m in Phishing Scam – Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

Brand-New Car Giving You Nightmares? CPA to the Rescue

The New Cannabis Act: Here’s What You Will and Won’t Be Allowed to Do

Can You Sign an Affidavit Over Zoom?

Why an Oral Estate Agency Mandate Isn’t Worth the Paper It’s Written On

Cannabis Policies in the Workplace: A Delicate Balancing Act

Siblings Feuding Over a Business: Can You Get a Domestic Violence Protection Order?

Contracting with Trusts – Is a Majority Resolution Valid?

In the Land of the Will, Clarity is King

Rising Damp and Failed Waterproofing: How to Sue the Sellers

The Pothole Plague – Claiming Damages

Lending to a Friend or Relative – When Must You Register as a Credit Provider?

Property: Why Do You Need an Occupancy Certificate Before You Buy?

Who Owns Your Employee’s Invention? Lessons from the “Please Call Me” Saga

How to Safeguard Your Digital Presence: A Simple Checklist for Website Compliance

When to Lawyer Up

Muslim Marriages in South Africa – What you need to know

Property Sales: “Conditional Acceptance” of an Offer is Not Acceptance, It’s Rejection

When is Resignation a Constructive Dismissal?

Ponzi Schemes: Can Liquidators Claw Back 600% of Payouts?

Effective 1 March 2024: New National Minimum Wage

Budget 2024: Your Tax Tables and Tax Calculator

Why Buyers Should Ask for Building Plans (and Why Sellers Should Supply Them)

A Valentine’s Day Thought for Life Partners: What is a “Universal Partnership”?

You Can (and Should) Both Discipline and Prosecute Thieving Employees

“Pay Extra for My Generator or I’ll Cut You Off During Loadshedding”. Can a Landlord Do That?

Can You Use Land Use Laws to Close Down a Neighbour’s Business?

Estate Planning: Remember your Pets!

Now Creditors Can Apply for Directors to be Declared Delinquent – Why is That Important?

Moonlighting Without Consent is Misconduct – A Firing Offence

Festive Season Sellers: Start Getting Your Compliance Certificates Ready

Plan Your Estate to Protect Your Family – Two End-of-Year Questions to Ask Yourself

The New Law on Parental Leave – A Simple Summary for Employers and Employees

Did You Know that CV Liars Now Face Jail Time?

A Costly Case of Buyer’s Remorse

Buying a Used Car – Your Rights

Selling Your House to a Non-Resident

How Does the New Divorce Act Ruling Affect You?

Security Warning: Property Sale Cybercrime Surges, and a New AI Danger

Dementia: Understanding Your Legal Options

Suing for a Supermarket “Slip ‘n Trip” – What Must You Prove?

Can a Video Call be a Valid Will?

How to Protect Your Children’s Inheritances from Ending Up in the Guardian’s Fund

Landlords: You Cannot Cut a Defaulting Tenant’s Water and Electricity

A Dishonest “I’m Too Sick to Come to Work” Excuse is a Firing Offence

Debt Collection – Two Recovery Options

Your New House Leaks Like a Sieve – Can You Sue the Seller?

Can Your 👍Thumbs-Up Emoji or E-Signature Seal a Deal?

Divorce: What is Forfeiture of Benefits and When is it Ordered?

How to Stop Someone Damaging Your Good Name on Social Media

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