Commercial Law

Expertise in Commercial Law for Sustainable Success.

Commercial Law

Mayet & Associates takes pride in its comprehensive expertise in commercial law, providing invaluable legal support to businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated team of attorneys is well-versed in navigating the intricate landscape of commercial transactions, contracts, and regulatory compliance.

From drafting and negotiating agreements to offering strategic counsel on business structures, our firm ensures that clients have the legal insights needed to make sound decisions. With a commitment to excellence, Mayet & Associates is a trusted partner in guiding businesses through the complexities of commercial law, fostering their growth and success in the competitive business environment.


We offer the following related to commercial law:

Banking And Finance

We provide assistance with banking and finance in Lesotho. Our team is equipped to assist with financial services regulation, leveraged finance, asset finance, debt finance, trade finance, and capital markets.  We assist leading financial institutions on a global scale in regard to the Lesotho context. 

Data Privacy

Due to the evolution and rapid growth in the technology sector, coupled with the expansion in e-commerce and online trading, data privacy regulation is now more critical than ever. Non-compliance with data protection rules and regulations can ruin a company’s image, sink a brand, and destroy a consumer’s trust in a business. 

Mayet & Associates’ dedicated data privacy and protection team assists companies with regulations and provides sound advice based on global requirements.

Debt Capital Markets

We provide extensive legal and transactional advice to banks, corporates, state-owned entities, municipalities, government, export credit agencies, and the financial market as a whole. This includes integrated cross-border information for domestic medium-term note programmes, domestic insurances, secured note insurances, commercial paper programmes and insurances, convertible bonds, and bond restructuring transactions.

Project Finance

The Mayet & Associates team is experienced in project finance and development. We regularly advise on complex projects within Lesotho pertaining to energy, tourism, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, hospitals, and various public-private partnerships. 

Mergers And Acquisitions

Mayet & Associates excels in facilitating seamless mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for our clients. Our expert team navigates the complexities of these transactions, ensuring strategic guidance, due diligence, and meticulous legal processes. From negotiations to finalising deals, we are committed to optimizing outcomes and adding value to businesses undergoing transformative changes.

Our merger and acquisition clients include international financial institutions, local and international law firms, merchant banks, listed and unlisted local and international corporations, state-owned enterprises, and government departments and institutions.

We offer the following related to mergers and acquisitions:

Infrastructure And Energy

Our qualified team acts as local counsel for various energy companies and projects within the Kingdom of Lesotho.  We provide sound advice in regard to corporate tax, finance, construction, environment, property, and dispute resolution.  We advise developers, lenders, or borrowers on the various aspects of commercial law to ensure that legal compliance is followed in all instances, conduct legal due diligence, and draft commercial agreements, including those for several solar projects in Lesotho.  

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