Correspondent alert: Supreme Court of Appeal Practice Directives

  • Heads of Argument should be bound with the chronology table [Rule10(3(i))], Rule 10 and 10A Certificate
  • Heads of Argument should include a list of all the authorities cited in the Heads of Argument
  • In a separate bundle: Practice note plus a list of authorities [Rule10(3)(e)(i)] to be quoted in the support of the argument and shall indicate with an asterisks(*) the authorities to which particular reference will be made during the course of argument.
  • third bundle will only be needed for foreign authorities and legislation, if applicable which had been repealed. [Rule 10(3)(e)(ii)] and a photocopy, or a print out from an electronic database, of those provisions of any statute , regulation, rule, ordinance or by-law directly at issue, inclusive of unreported case law, not readily available, shall accompany the Head of Argument in a separate volume [Rule10(3)(f)]