Home Buyer loses R5.5m in Phishing Scam – Don’t Make the Same Mistake!

“[The buyer] must in the circumstances take responsibility for her failure to protect herself against a known risk” (extract from judgment below) Cybercriminals absolutely love targeting property transactions because they provide the perfect mix of large money deposits, heavy reliance on email communication from trusted parties like attorneys, banks and estate agencies, and deadlines creating […]

The New Cannabis Act: Here’s What You Will and Won’t Be Allowed to Do

“It’s high time they legalised cannabis” (Anon) Much excitement has greeted the signing into law of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Act, which will formally regulate the cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis by adults in a private setting and, says the Presidency, lays the groundwork for regulatory reforms “to allow for the industrialisation of […]

You Can (and Should) Both Discipline and Prosecute Thieving Employees

“It’s the profile of the most trusted individual, in a position of trust, like an accountant or bookkeeper. They usually never take leave, and someone who never allows anyone access to their system would go to the length of taking their laptops with them while they are on holiday so that they can continue working. […]

Check All Emailed Bank Details for BEC (“Business Email Compromise”) Frauds

“…sending bank details by email is inherently dangerous, and so must either be avoided in favour of, for example, a secure portal or it must be accompanied by other precautionary measures like telephonic confirmation or appropriate warnings which are securely communicated.” (Extract from judgment below) Before you make any payment to a supplier’s bank account […]

“Double Jeopardy” for Tax Evasion – Penalties plus Prosecution

“Double Jeopardy” for Tax Evasion – Penalties plus Prosecution

“Administrative penalties and criminal proceedings do not serve the same purpose. The [one] is aimed at strengthening internal controls of the administrative authority and to promote compliance while the other is aimed at correcting a behaviour that caused harm to the society.” (Extract from judgment below) SARS has announced major crackdowns on tax defaulters, and […]

Using the New Cybercrimes Act to Protect Yourself

“…cybercrime has increased by over 300% during the COVID-19 pandemic – making it one of the biggest threats to businesses around the globe.” (Property 24 report) The Cybercrimes Act, which has been years in the making, is now (with effect from 1 December 2021) at last largely in force. Although some provisions still remain on […]