Adjusted Level 3 Regulations

South Africa has now been placed under the Adjusted level 3 lockdown regulations.

The changes come into effective from 00:00am on 16 June 2021 Please note that there is a nationwide curfew from 10pm to 4pm

Mask Wearing is Mandatory – Wearing a cloth mask or similar covering the nose and mouth is mandatory in public
– Any person who does not wear a mask in public will be committing an offence
Funerals – Funerals are restricted to a maximum of a 50 people
– Night vigils are not permitted
– All social distancing regulations are to be adhered to
Gatherings – Limited to 50 people indoors
– Limited to 100 people outdoors
– Not more than 50% capacity will be permitted in a confined space
Alcohol – Alcohol sales are permitted between 10am on a Monday ang 6pm on a Thursday
– Restaurants, pubs and other establishments are permitted to sell alcohol however service will end at 9pm
– Alcohol consumption in public areas (beaches and pubs) are strictly prohibited
Beaches, Dams, Public Parks, Pools, Lagoons and National Parks – Beaches, dams, public parks, pools, lagoons and national parks will remain open to the public
– Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited