Correspondent Attorney Bloemfontein

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Our specialised team consists of attorneys who assist with cost effective and efficient correspondent matters in the Bloemfontein area. 

We act as Correspondent Attorneys for law firms around South Africa who do not fall within the Jurisdiction of Bloemfontein. 

Our firm is situated in close proximity to the following: 

1. Supreme Court of Appeal;

2. Free State High Court; 

3. Bloemfontein District and Regional Magistrates Courts; 

4. Master of the High Court Bloemfontein; 

5. Deeds Office Bloemfontein; and 

6. Family Advocates Office Bloemfontein.  

Our team attends to correspondent matters pertaining to: 

  • Issuing of documentation at the relevant courts;
  • Delivery of documents to sheriff’s offices;
  • Serving and filing of pleadings;
  • Indexing and Paginating;
  • Uplifting of documents;
  • Attendance to queries
  • Urgent applications; and 
  • Taxations

Our fees are based on the prescribed tariffs as issued under the Rules of the relevant courts 

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