Cannabis Policies in the Workplace: A Delicate Balancing Act

“It is declared that the [employer]’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy is irrational and violates the right to privacy in section 14 of the Constitution, to the extent that it prohibits office-based employees that do not work with or within an environment that has, heavy, dangerous and similar equipment, from consuming cannabis in the privacy […]

When is Resignation a Constructive Dismissal?

“…the prospect of continued employment must be shown to have been objectively intolerable and the employee must have resigned due to the intolerable situation and not for another reason.” (Extract from judgment below) Perhaps you are an employer, and that troublesome employee who you’ve been hoping would resign does exactly that. Saving you, as you […]

Effective 1 March 2024: New National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) for each “ordinary hour worked” has been increased from 1 March 2024 by 8.5% from R25-42 to R27-58. Domestic Workers: Assuming a work month of 21 days x 8 hours per day, R27-58 per hour equates to R220-64 per day or R4,633-44 per month. The Living Wage calculator will help you check […]

You Can (and Should) Both Discipline and Prosecute Thieving Employees

“It’s the profile of the most trusted individual, in a position of trust, like an accountant or bookkeeper. They usually never take leave, and someone who never allows anyone access to their system would go to the length of taking their laptops with them while they are on holiday so that they can continue working. […]

Moonlighting Without Consent is Misconduct – A Firing Offence

“…moonlighting as a matter of principle is unacceptable…” (extract from judgment) Up to a quarter of all middle-class South Africans are reported to “moonlight”, that is to run a part-time side hustle or side business in addition to their full-time jobs. Some, it seems, go one step further and manage to hold down two full-time […]

The New Law on Parental Leave – A Simple Summary for Employers and Employees

“The crux of the case is about unequal treatment of persons. (Extract from judgment below) The recent High Court judgment which declared unconstitutional differences between maternity, paternity, parental, adoption and surrogacy leave has received a lot of media attention, much of it focusing on the reasons for the decision – but what has actually changed […]

Did You Know that CV Liars Now Face Jail Time?

“Fraud is a cancer that is crippling our country” (Supreme Court of Appeal in 2019) An all-too-common scenario in these times of high unemployment is job applicants who, desperate to be hired, lie about their qualifications on their CVs. Recent high-profile stories of fake doctors and the like are no doubt only the tip of […]

A Dishonest “I’m Too Sick to Come to Work” Excuse is a Firing Offence

“…an employment relationship is predicated on trust” (Extract from judgment below) Our courts have once again confirmed that dismissal is justified when employees lie about their state of health in order to get sick leave. A recent Labour Court case provides a perfect example. Too sick to work, but caught on TV at a protest […]

Understanding Your Legal Obligations as an Employer of Domestic Workers

South Africans employ an estimated 900,000 domestic workers. They assist us with a range of tasks that keep our homes running smoothly – from cleaning and gardening to cooking and childcare, their contributions are invaluable. However, as an employer, it is vital that you recognise and fulfill your legal obligations in order to establish a […]

Overtime: The Importance of Agreements

Overtime: The importance of agreements

“…an employer may not require or permit an employee to work … overtime except in accordance with an agreement” (Basic Conditions of Employment Act) All employers and employees need to know of a recent Labour Court judgment holding that an instruction to work overtime in the absence of an agreement is unlawful. A lapsed overtime […]