Puff & Pass: The legal limbo of SA’s marijuana laws

Since a March 2017 Western Cape High Court ruling, you can’t be arrested for smoking marijuana within your own home in South Africa. But that doesn’t mean marijuana is legal: you still can’t buy it or sell it anywhere. It’s also been totally unclear how much weed you’re allowed to possess for your own use. […]

A summary of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

The Cannabis Bill The long-awaited Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill has been introduced after almost two years since the Constitutional Court ruled that the private use of cannabis should be decriminalised.  The Constitutional Court made this ruling on 18 September 2018 and gave Parliament 24 months to amend the legislation. As such, the The intention […]

When people Zol… before work

The latest case in South Africa pertaining to the use of cannabis in the workplace is Rankeng v Signature Cosmetics and Fragrance (Pty) Ltd [2020] 10 BALR 1128 (CCMA).  In this case, the arbitrator had to decide whether the dismissal of employees who tested positive for cannabis at work was fair. In this matter the employee […]